Is your organization facing an impasse? We can help.

How to partner with us?

1. Check out our What We Do page.

2. Shoot us an email detailing the issue you are facing. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

3. If we believe we can help you, we will set up a conference call and begin the on boarding process.

our methodology

Our project teams are led by a Project Manager (PM) and four to five consultants that have been staffed based on their skill set, experience, and interest. 

The PM is the main point of contact for the client and is in charge of directing the team's research efforts. Consultants provide quantitative and qualitative analyses of the causes, not just the symptoms, of the client's issues. In addition, they collaborate to arrive at creative, executable plans of action that the client can implement. 

Given our global reach, we hold weekly conference calls with our clients to present our work and delve deeper into the key questions. 

our timeline

Most of our projects last 3-5 months, although we have retained clients up to 24 months to provide them with the detailed solutions they require. We asses the length of a project based on our weekly conversations with our clients. 

We have two primary project cycles: August-December and January-May.