Georgetown Global Consulting relies on the strong support of our community and business partners, which allows us to serve our own clients to the best of our ability. GGC is consistently looking for organizations, firms, and donors to serve as partners and join us in our mission to give international non-profits the help they need. 

Ways to Partner With Us:

We welcome both consulting-focused partnerships and monetary contributions to maximize our impact as an organization. Given our commitment to delivering pro-bono services to our clients, our grants and donations go towards administrative costs needed to continually support the international work we do.

Furthermore, training seminars with consulting firms allows us to perfect and grow our services. We partner with organizations to provide presentations and workshops for our consultants to expand their skill set.

If you are looking to donate to our cause, please contact our CFO.

What We Offer:

We want to make sure our consultants are ready to enter the real world. Part of what that entails is giving them in-depth exposure to the best firms in the market, meaning that your firm will benefit from a steady stream of highly prepared and qualified applicants for full-time and internship positions. 

Thank you for your support!